November 20, 2016

Prayer & Life Workshops

Many of us have attended church and have professed our Christianity throughout most of our lives. Have you stopped to wonder though why so few of us know how to pray? The answer is the we’ve never really been taught how to pray. At best, some of us have read a book or two to try to learn how to pray but still fall short.

The way to learn and develop a life of prayer is through practice. In the Prayer And Life Workshops you will learn how to pray by practicing through a structured and effective program that will change your life as you become a man or woman of prayer.

Just like athletes must build skills and strength to compete, we too must strengthen our spiritual muscle in order to build a powerful and intimate relationship with God, and to be able to stand strong through life’s daily challenges.

Come and turbo-charge your prayer life! True discipleship begins with a prayerful life. Faith is built through prayer and intimacy with God. The Prayer And Life Workshops (offered at St. Joseph and other local parishes), will guide you through a series of practical prayer methods and exercises. Each week you will grow and experience a process of liberation and healing that will help you become the Christian God wants you to be. The PLW will help you discover God’s will for your life. You will yearn to grow in knowledge and faithful service to the Lord.

“I had read two books on prayer, I discovered that one thing is to read and acquire knowledge. It’s another thing however, to be trained in something, much like in a sport. I think of a Prayer & Life Workshop as “Prayer Fitness Training.” It was through the PLW a couple of years ago, that I received practical experiential prayer training and ever since then, God’s will for my life has become much clearer.”

“Ever since I can remember, I have been a person who believed in the power of prayer. I attended the Prayer And Life Workshops with a friend at a local church. By week three, I was hooked and could not wait for next week’s session. Nothing was more important to me than getting to next week’s class. The prayer methods I learned, along with the reading of the Word, changed my perspective and now I try to always ask “What Would Jesus say or do if He were here in my situation?”


Session Overview

Next Sessions: Saturdays February 4th – June 4th
Time: 9:30 – 11:30
Location: Parish Life Center

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