December 11, 2012


St. Joe's Meditation web page“Be Still, And Know That I Am God”
Psalm 46:10

St. Joseph Meditation Group meets every Tuesday night at 7:00pm. Check the bulletin or call Frank McKown (310) 633-1744 for seasonal location.

“The all important aim in Christian Meditation is to allow God’s mysterious presence within us to become more and more not only a reality, but the reality which gives meaning, shape, and purpose to everything we do, to everything we are…”
Fr. John Main, OSB

Meditation is not something new to the Christian experience, but is deeply rooted in Christian tradition. However, many Christians have no knowledge of this ancient tradition of prayer. Meditation involves coming to a stillness of spirit and a stillness of body. In spite of all the distractions of the modern world, this silence is perfectly possible for all of us.

Our sessions are open to all, and beginners with no meditation experience are welcomed. We follow the World Community For Christian Meditation (WCCM) guidelines of mantra-based prayer.

For more information, contact Group Leader Frank McKown at (310) 633-1744, or