December 12, 2012

Pastoral Council Event Cancellation Guidelines

We all know that unforeseeable events occur. In order to keep the activities at St. Joseph moving as fluidly as possible the following is a copy of the St. Joseph Event Cancellation Guide. If you have any questions regarding event policies please contact St. Joseph Elementary School at 562-596-6115 or the St. Joseph Church Rectory at 562-594-4657.

Background Information

  • Tragic events and unavoidable circumstances can create concerns about whether or not scheduled Parish and School events can, or should be, held as scheduled
  • Some of the difficulties with cancellation are disappointment by planned attendees, notification of cancellation, confidence for future planned events, expenses and labor.
  • General guidelines may assist event decision-makers in the determination of continuance or cancellation of events and may reduce guilt or confusion associated with such decisions
  • Parish Council, including the Pastor and School Principal, have discussed the issue amongst Parishioners and the Parish Council and have created the following General Guidelines for the cancellation of events

General Guidelines for Cancellation of Events

After discussion, the Parish Council, including the Pastor and School Principal, recommend that scheduled events go on as planned, if possible. As a Parish, we can gather as a community in times of rejoicing and celebration including times of tragedy and loss. Event planners will attempt to hold events as scheduled, but if circumstances will not permit the event to be held as scheduled, the event organizers will attempt to complete the following procedures:

  • Consider options to hold event as scheduled
  • If no reasonable alternative to cancellation,
  • Notify the rectory and school office of cancellation
  • Notification to expected attendees as reasonably as possible, which may include: Announcement at Mass, School Bulletin, Sign in Parking lot, phone calls, e-mail to parishioners, Posting on Parish Website, and other reasonable efforts
  • Notify all vendors of cancellation immediately and seek to limit and mitigate any damages, expenses, and wasted efforts in the preparation of the event
  • Honor refund requests