December 11, 2012

Natural Family Planning



Inspiration: “[Natural Family Planning] methods respect the bodies of the spouses, encourage tenderness between them, and favor the education of an authentic freedom.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church 2370

Our Mission: To help couples learn about Natural Family Planning. Couples worldwide are choosing Natural Family Planning (NFP) for its healthful and marriage-building qualities, as well as its usefulness to plan or postpone pregnancy. A growing number of Christians are becoming aware of the physical and spiritual dangers of birth control and are looking for alternatives consistent with the teachings of the Church.

Our Members: Open to anyone interested in learning more about fertility awareness. Ideal for married couples and couples engaged to be married.

Expenses: Couple to Couple League membership and course material fees

Meetings: The course series consists of three classes spaced about a month apart. The classes are taught by certified natural family planning instructors. A new course series starts every three months.

Activities: Class meetings and Follow-up consultations

Contacting Us: Greg and Beth Gath – (562) 377-5877 or send email to

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