December 10, 2012


Inspiration: Almighty God, cleanse my heart and my lips that I may worthily proclaim your Gospel; Bless my efforts to prepare, that I may meditate on your Word, understand it better and proclaim it faithfully to your people. Surround my ministry with your presence, that I may carefully perform the task entrusted to me, preach Jesus Christ to others, announce the Word of God properly, watch it grow in the hearts of listeners and give glory to you, O God, through your Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Mission: The lector is the storyteller of the community. Like the elders of a tribe, the lector publicly tells the story that identifies us with Christ. The teller must plunge into the bible readings, intentions and announcements and tell us the church story that gives meaning to our lives.

Our Members: Members are adult and youth parishioners who actively participate in the Eucharistic celebration. Beyond the skills needed by any good public speaker, being a good lector requires the ability to communicate a sense of prayerfulness and reverence.

Meetings: Mass lector schedule is about once per two or three weeks. Deacon occasionally meets with members for training and spiritual guidance.

Activities: Practice! Practice! Practice! Read bible readings, intentions and announcements about once per month at Mass.

Procedures, Roster and Schedule:


Current Schedule

Lector Resources: – United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s website contains the Daily and Sunday Readings as well as a host of other valuable information. – A Lector Preparation / Lector’s Notes website. Click on the date to view that Sunday’s Readings along with helpful historical context, theological background, and suggestions for proclaiming it. This site also has many helpful links to explore.

http://netministriesorg/BBasics/bbbott.htm – An Audio Biblical Name pronunciation guide. Click on a letter to get a list of Biblical names beginning with that letter. Then click on the Lector Roster (password protected)name and hear an audio of the correct pronunciation.

Contacting Us:Please call Steve Koppenheffer-(714) 299-6644,or email to: