May 7, 2016

Vacation Bible Camp

Coming this summer to a church not

so far, far away….

Join us for this Star Wars based Vacation Bible Camp (VBS) Coming to St. Joseph’s this Summer.

Generations of kids have been captivated by the Star Wars saga- partly because the epic battle between good and evil speaks to a hidden reality in our world. This year during VBS we will play off of the Star Wars theme seeing how the true force for good is God through the work of the Holy Spirit.

VBS runs here at St. Joseph’s Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 22 from 9am-12pm daily.

Kids will enjoy the upbeat music, energetic games, fun crafts, and the engaging Bible stories. Each day the kids will engage in high-energy lesson, Star Wars themed craft, a Bible story that will teach them Christian values, and fun recreation that teaches teamwork and team spirit.

VBS Registration Form 2018

All Pre-K through Middle School Children are invited to our VBC this year. 

We need Volunteers (see Registration form).

All High School Youth are also eligible to be volunteers (see Registration forms).

Join us for a great experience!