With Love, From Musoma

A couple of my favorite people I have met here in Musoma, Ester and her granddaughter Angel. There is a large cornfield located next to the entrance of Makoko Language School and Ester was hired by the local sisters to chase away the monkeys that come and snatch the corn, which is already lacking in numbers due to the dry season and inability to water the crops. (She uses an old fashioned sling-shot, I might add.)


Being a foreigner, it’s common that locals will ask something of you- whether it’s money, sweets, or an alternate form of aid that in that moment you aren’t able to provide. Ester and Angel have never asked anything of me, besides friendship. They always greet me with a smile and love when I sit and chat with them using what little Kiswahili I have. Not only does it help me to practice applying the language, but their grace and patience reflects the true value of friendship and Tanzanian hospitality.


This past weekend she invited me to come and visit her home, so another missioner and I headed into the village to meet her. When we arrived, we were greeted so warmly by three of her daughters, Bahati, Victoria, and Christina, her niece, also named Victoria, and Angel. Ester is in her mid 50’s and is the sole provider for these girls. The home had 2 small rooms and was made out of dried mud, sticks, and a scrap metal roof. We sat at a small table in homemade chairs and chatted about the history of the tribes in Tanzania, exchanged photos of our families, and laughed with each other about life, and how blessed we are that God brought us together as friends. 


Days like this remind me why I fell in love with Africa, and why I chose to pursue mission… or why mission chose to pursue me. 


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