Thank you!

Thanks to your amazing generosity, our recent homeless kit drive resulted in many gifts for our vulnerable neighbors.  The photos and message from Tim Clark tell the story. 
Blessings, Msgr. Kevin
Dear Friends of St. Joseph Movement for a Better World,
It is with the sincerest gratitude of our most vulnerable neighbors, those experiencing homelessness, that we extend a heartfelt  thank you to everyone that helped facilitate and contributed to our bountiful homeless kit drive last weekend!   This includes our neighboring congregations of St. Gregory Episcopal Church and Los Altos United Methodist Church. 
As Msgr. Kevin mentioned at Masses this weekend, 475 kits were donated, additionally we received $1,550 and other bulk supplies.  From these, an equivalent of 185 kits could be assembled.  This brings the total “kit value” of last weekend’s drive to 660 homeless kits!!  This is 4 times the number of kits received from a drive like this in the past. 
Our allocation of these will be as follows.  All of these organizations have vibrant ministries in service to our Long Beach neighbors experiencing homelessness. About 2/3 of these were distributed last week (photos attached.).  We will complete our purchases of additional kit supplies this week from cash donations, and make those distributions as soon as possible, thereafter.
Homeless Kits Distributed from Oct. 3 – 4 Drive
340 – Catholic Charities of Long Beach
135 – St. Lucy Catholic Church, Long Beach
150 – City of Long Beach Multi-Services Center
625 – Total 
Tim –
“You are being enriched in every way for all generosity, which through us produces thanksgiving to God.”  2 Cor 9:11.