Priest Retirement Fund

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We are truly blessed by the men who have given their lives in service to thousands of families as a priest. As life begins to change in their later years, so too do their needs.

Together we are invited to join and bless those who have blessed us by making a meaningful gift to the Priest Retirement Fund.

Have you ever wondered what happens to our priests after they retire from teaching, preaching, and serving on a regular basis? Where do they go?  Who takes care of them? What do they need?
 Like us, they desire rest and have needs for care and medical treatment as they grow older. Unlike most of us, though, their modest salaries were never meant to provide for them after many years of service.

Your gift to the Priest Retirement Fund is a meaningful investment and true blessing for the care and comfort of our spiritual fathers as they enter the later chapters in life. They deserve nothing less.