Message from Msgr. Kevin – June 9, 2020

Dear Parish Family:

We celebrated the reopening of our parish church this past weekend. For the five Masses, a total of 214 parishioners arrived at the entrance door and went through the new rituals to make sure that they were safe and prepared to enter the Church. I’m grateful that so many of you made the decision to stay home and be safe for yourself, loved ones and all of us. All of you at home were remembered and prayed for throughout the day. After each of the Masses, the church was closed as our cleaning crew came in to sanitize the church. This will be a very slow and gradual reopening and take your time! We’ll continue to record the Sunday Mass and post it online. Here’s a sampling of the parishioners at the different celebrations of the Eucharist.

I continue to remember and pray for you every day – be safe and well!

In your service,
Msgr. Kevin


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