Praying for our youth as they commence the school year!

Please join your fellow parishioners as we celebrate the Eucharist this Sunday, August 30 at 8:30 AM on the lawn of St. Joseph’s campus. This Sunday, we’ll be praying for all of our parish young people who are returning to school.  We’ll offer a special blessing over our children that the Lord will keep them safe and well as they return to the classroom, remotely or in person.  Our assembly of individuals and families has grown each week.  We’ve added another check in station and another exit.  Just a reminder that masks must be worn.  No Mask = No Mass.  Social distancing is also implemented. Our primary mission is to protect you, and for you to protect those around you as we continue to journey through this pandemic.  Thanks for your great co-operation.  Here are the other details:

  • Parking is available in the main parking lot only and not in the inner courtyard.
  • When you exit your car, please put on your mask and wear it properly covering your mouth and nose throughout the Mass.
  • Enter through the walk-in gate between the hall and the church. The gate will open at 7:45 AM.
  • Please bring your own beach chair, lawn chair or folding chair. If you don’t bring a chair, you’ll have to stand.
  • Please do not bring a couch or sofa!
  • The usual safety protocols will be in place:
    • You will be asked how you’re feeling that day
    • Make use of the hand sanitation station
    • Social distancing will be respected. Families may sit together and individuals and groups will sit 6-8 feet apart.  You must wear your mask throughout the entire Mass, except for when you approach the Minister to receive Holy Communion.

We’ve arranged the liturgical space so the sun will be at your back.  You may want to bring a hat.  After this past week’s heat wave, it’s cooling down and the temp. on Sunday at 8:30 AM is scheduled to be around 68 degrees.

Current COVID restrictions do not allow us to pass baskets for your stewardship gift.  We’ll have a basket placed at the exit at the end of Mass for you to offer your envelope or donation.  As always, thanks for your support.

If you’re staying at home, we’ll be praying for you. We are recording this weekends Mass on Saturday morning and it will be available through our social media sites at 4:00 PM.

Let us continue to pray for one another. Be safe and well! God Bless You!

Peace, Msgr. Kevin