Hebrews: The New and Eternal Covenant

Embark on a guided tour of the “Holy of Holies” of biblical theology in Hebrews: The New and Eternal Covenant, an eight-part Bible study presented by Dr. Andrew Swafford and Jeff Cavins! In this study, Catholics will be able to see, appreciate, and take hold of the riches God has given them in the New Covenant. Highlighting the critical distinctions between the Old and New Covenants, Hebrews will help Catholics get to know the generosity of the Father’s heart in a deeper way than ever before.
“Dr. Andrew Swafford’s teaching on Hebrews is inspiring, enlightening and exciting. Connecting the Old & New Testaments, he makes all of Scripture really come alive.” –Dr. Scott Hahn, professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, founder and president of St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.
      —John Bergsma, professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville
Dates: Thursday’s Starting October 15th on Zoom (Zoom information will be provided)
Cost: Approximately $30. Please purchase your study guide and access to the videos and register for the study.  The register now button below is a convenient way to register for this study.  All are welcome.
For more information, email msanty@verizon.net or call 562-370-0769,