Great News! SB360 Has Been Defeated!

Dear Catholics,

We have great news to share! SB 360 has been defeated!

Thank you
 for taking a stand for religious freedom. Thank you for raising your voice to protect the sacredness of the Sacrament of Confession.

Archbishop José Gomez has written a statement, in both English and Spanish, proclaiming that the good work by CA Catholics “is a sign of the great faith and vitality of our Catholic community and the importance of confession to our religious identity and practice.”
SB 360 posed a serious threat to the religious liberty of Catholics in California and attempted to create a dangerous precedent of legislative overreach into the practice of religion.
Yesterday, the bill’s author withdrew SB 360 from consideration this legislative session. Thanks to the dedication of the Catholic faithful in California, letting our voices be heard through 140,000 signed letters and almost 17,000 emails to legislators from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles alone, the bill lacked enough support to pass out of committee. Read more here
This process confirms the importance of the faith community in public discourse and in the political process. United in purpose, people of faith can make a great impact for good in our legislative process. In the coming weeks and months, theOffice of Life, Justice and Peace will be offering parish workshops on Catholic Social Teaching, and Catholic Engagement in Voting and Politics. We are creating resources for parish-based voter registration campaigns, trainings for parish leaders and workshops for civic engagement.

Thank you for your leadership in defeating SB 360!