EBLI English Final Write Up by Gabrielle Cuda

In light of my first batch of students completing their course recently, and graduation coming up this week I wanted to turn the spot light on to these hardworking, vibrant individuals! My time with them this term was short, and it was my first time teaching English as a foreign language, but the commitment and patience we built together helped turn this class into a fun and free learning environment. After months of studying tenses, vocabulary, sentence structure, parts of speech, etc. I asked the students to create a collage and write-up of their goals and dreams for their final project, and I wanted to share an excerpt from what they wrote with all of you! Something to keep in mind is creativity is not openly encouraged or embraced in educational culture here, so when I pulled out the magazines and told the students to start exploring, they were BEAMING. 🌟


Emmanuel, 20 

“In my dreams I want to be a lawyer and help poor people in my country. I want to hug poor kids and tell them that they are not alone, I want to make a promise to help the needy and abolish the greed from my life. I want to travel all over the world to see the things which are not around in Tanzania and to study about the culture of other countries. I want to know ways to solve the problems like poverty and to teach people about human rights and to help street children especially children whose parents died to show them their not alone, I am here with them…. I want to help the elderly and to give them their needs like food and clothes, and to respect them and show them love.”


Vaselisa, 18

“I would like to be an enterpreneur, advertiser, designer & a cook. I like business because I want to be famous in the world. I like singing because I like the songs of Celine Deon, like “My Heart Will Go On”, “Goodbye”, ”I’m Alive”. one day I want to meet with her. In my life I want to be charasmatic for doing something well like comedy, singing, & crafts. For now, I sell “karanga za mayai” which are sweet, roasted peanuts & “ubuyu” which are the seeds of baobab trees covered in sugar, flour and color. These are both popular street snacks in tanzania.”



Saba, 19

“My hobby is drawing, I am an artist. In my dreams I want to be a soldier in Israel. I would really like to go to that county because it is a strong nation. God bless us & me. If I arrive, I want to marry a nice girl to be my wife & we will have a family. We will have a nice ceremony & eat some food, drink juice, etc. I want to buy a brand new car. God bless me amen!”




Zena, 18

“There are 5 children in my family, I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My mother devotes herself to cooking at a hotel. My goal is to design clothes . After I finish school I want to learn to sew clothes and to form sales. I would like to go to America to do my business of selling clothes. My dream is to succeed, I want to help street children who do not have parents, to build houses, to help the elderly. God bless my dream…”